NaijaCore Experience Returns to University of Abuja

NaijaCore Experience was led by the in-school campus captain and convened at the University of Abuja campus with over 40 students in attending the Experience. Participants provided feedback from the experience; - Beatrice "I liked Surrender Pose, I felt relaxed, amazing, and relieved, right now I feel so so amazing" - Annie " I liked the child pose, I was able to reconnect with the simplicity of being young and innocent, and it relieved a lot of pressure for me" NaijaCore Experience sessions will return to the university community at the resumption of academic activities in 2023. NaijaCore is an in-person and online youth-led volunteer network that offers fun & empowering individual and group experiences for youth promoting resilience via zero equipment mindful movement practices like yoga, calisthenics, strength training, and HIIT. NaijaCore integrates Nigerian music with exercise tapping into local culture and the inherent joy of self-expression.

Abubakar Abdullahi

December 12th, 2022

In-campus captain leading session