MY Project Manager Lagos Opportunity

MY Project Manager Lagos Opportunity

Abubakar Abdullahi

April 4th, 2023

Position Summary Dream Sports Africa is aiming to engage passionate, experienced, and qualified individuals as Mental Health Captains for the MY Project in Lagos and Abuja. These Captains will be capable and driven project ambassadors engaged as volunteers to work part time (30 hours a week) on an innovative youth empowerment project in Abuja/Lagos that is implemented by Dream Sports Africa with the support of international partners. Selected Captains volunteers will report to a Dream Sports Africa Project Manager. About the MY Project and DSA Dream Sports Africa is an international nonprofit that implements youth development through sports projects in Africa through global fundraising and advocacy. Our idea is simple but bold “Participation in physical activity is vital to the overall well-being of African youth and the development of the continent”. We have a vision of An African continent with healthy and self-aware leaders who have the mental character and physical discipline developed through participation in sports and physical activity to create and sustain positive change in their lives, communities, and countries. Our projects transform the mental wellbeing and physical fitness of African youth leveraging the convening power of sports projects to create positive change in communities and countries. Dream Sports Africa is implementing Mind Yourself (MY) in Abuja/Lagos that starts in March 2023. The project will leverage a student-led volunteer network trained to deliver engaging mindful movement activities to create mental health awareness, reduce stigma and build resilience among Nigerian youth. The volunteer network will be composed of 60 students at two universities in Abuja and Lagos trained as Mental Health Leaders. Each group of 30 Mental Leaders will be led by three to four Mental Health Captains who will in turn be overseen by a Project Manager. Major Responsibilities The role includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities as others may be identified in the future. Refer to the MY Project Description and Schedule of Milestone documents for important Project Goals, Approach, Objectives and Timelines.

2 Leadership Development and Capacity Building ● Engage in capacity building and certification sessions in MY core learning areas to support ability to plan and carry out training for project beneficiaries on Mental Health o Mental Health, Stigma and Resilience skills that increase a youth’s ability to enjoy life by creating a balance between life activities and psychological resilience. o Physical Wellbeing education that promotes good physical condition and wellbeing through regular exercise, mindful movement like yoga & dance and increase knowledge about the human anatomy. o Life Skills that empower youth to develop leadership capabilities, develop self-influence skills and position them to become productive members of the community.

● Participate in MY leadership development training and mentorship project organized by DSA to develop management and leadership skills for future employment and oversight of the MY Project. ● Lead and mentor MHLs and all youth beneficiaries of the MY project. Training will be held at regularly scheduled periods during the project cycle to refresh knowledge gained and consolidate on lessons learned during the implementation phase. Project Management and Reporting ● Report to DSA PM on all project activities and act as a Mental Health Captain (MHC) for schools in the MY project as assigned. ● Support DSA PM to develop donor required narrative and financial reports. ● Support DSA PM to develop and manage annual, quarterly, and monthly MY project implementation plans in schools based on school calendar, specific context/situation, and opportunities. ● Engage selected MY secondary schools and develop activity plans. ● Support the planning and implementation of community outreach events at the University of Lagos and Abuja ● Support the development and Implementation of transition and empowerment plan for MY Mental Health Captains and Leaders ● Provide periodic reports for the MY project implementation based on indicators provided by Dream Sports Africa. Provide the schools’ management with progress updates on the project when required.

Project Activities Implementation and Coordination ● Assist DSA PM to Identify and recruit 60 MY Mental Health Leaders (MHLs) at two universities in Abuja and Lagos (30 per university). ● Plan and execute university in person and remote activities weekly. Follow up individually and as a group with project beneficiaries through various communication channels. ● Support the planning and execution of periodic interactive mental health forums for 240 MY Mental Health Advocates at the universities. ● Support the selection of 20 secondary schools for the MY project and obtain required approval from schools’ management to engage with students, lead school outreach based on MHCs assignments to secondary schools. ● Plan and execute secondary school activities 1-2 times a week through direct classroom engagement.


● Facilitate and record MHL/student attendance at all activities, parent involvement (where applicable for secondary schools), and project activity venues set up and management. ● Support the Creation of a database and outreach plan by the MY Mental Health Leaders to mental health cohort of 240 youth in the universities.

Financial Management and Supplies ● Develop quarterly MY supplies budgets for DSA PM approval. Manage budgets and support procurement processes. ● Track, store, transport and distribute project supplies e.g., consumables like drinking water, sports or other supplies like training bibs, jerseys, t-shirts, exercise props, IEC materials etc. ● Maintain a database with project materials, contact information, and be responsible for all project supplies following all guidelines for project materials set forth by Dream Sports Africa Stakeholder Management and Communications ● Support the development of a MY project logo and supporting communications material. ● Develop and manage a communications plan for MHLs including weekly emails, text/WhatsApp messages etc. Every MHC should be assigned 10 MHLs to oversee and manage direct relationships with. ● Effectively communicate with school officials about the objectives of the MY project through existing communication material, orientation sessions and participation in project activities. ● Support the DSA PM to establish and maintain working and cordial relationships with stakeholders at assigned schools including key officials, the principal, vice principal, games master/mistress and other key officials.

Monitoring and Evaluation ● Manage all project monitoring and evaluation activities at each school in collaboration with the Project Manager and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Ensure that all recording of project information and reporting is timely (e.g., attendance records to activities, baseline/end line surveys etc.) ● Support Project Manager to plan and implement six MY Mental Health Leader development sessions for 60 youth in two universities.

Social Media and Content Creation ● Lead social media calendar and content creation through weekly development and posting of content in all three core learning areas. Coordinate with DSA PM and content creation vendor to create period MY project video and photo summaries. ● Support the creation and engagement of supportive social media MY Mental Health Network university mental health groups on social media. ● Support the reach and engagement of 2000 MY youth online. Other responsibilities ● Be healthy and fit - Live a healthy lifestyle as a model for participants, make good life decisions, promote the significance of physical and psychological/mental health. ● Strengthen knowledge of Mental Health Fundamentals- Increase overall mental health knowledge and understanding of concepts. ● Punctuality - Be on time consistently, hold ALL MY Project participants accountable for punctuality.


● Preparation and Efficiency - Create and follow detailed activity plans based on recommended format, demonstrate flexibility with activity/sessions when necessary. Follow DSA health & safety protocol when dealing with any emergencies (such as accidents and/or injuries). Execute activity/sessions within allotted time frames and utilize time during and away from activities effectively. ● Communicate - Set and manage expectations with participants, establish a good relationship with school administrators, engage parents (where applicable), caregivers with project details, provide timely feedback and updates to Dream Sports Africa. ● Balance fun with fundamentals, bring encouragement, enthusiasm, and energy every day. Utilize patience in and out of sessions. ● Make sure there is separation between existing obligations and work done on the MY project. All MHCs will be required to sign a non disclosure agreement. ● Ensure strict adherence to Health & Safety protocols that conforms to best practice as set forth in the DSA health & safety protocols guide during all activities. Desired Skills/Knowledge ● Strong interpersonal skills with ALL demographics of people and ability to build congenial relationships while maintaining a high level of professionalism. ● Leadership and the ability to think strategically, critically, and independently while working within a team and project parameters to meet stated objectives. ● Detail oriented and well-organized. Ability to work well within a team environment. ● Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Fluency in English. ● Demonstrated computer proficiency (i.e., email, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Required Experience, Education and Background ● Minimum of a first degree (completed within the last year) at the Universities in the MY Project or third to final year student in the Universities in the MY Project. ● Substantial experience in convening and managing large groups of students in higher institutions and/or secondary schools. Non-profit (NGO) sector experience preferred. ● Demonstrated interest (and ability) in carrying out work related to mental health and physical wellbeing. In good health. ● No criminal record and/or negative history. Three references.