Gratitude and connection in Cambridge

Let the sun shine in! Friends and supporters gathering at Dana Square Park in Cambridge to experience Dream Sports Africa firsthand

Will Weiss

August 23rd, 2021

Our CEO and my great friend Chenfa Dombin was meeting me on my home turf in Cambridge, Massachusetts before our board meeting the next week and since I've been talking with a lot of my friends about what is happening with Dream Sports Africa, I wanted the opportunity to have everyone meet and experience first-hand what we're all about!

We couldn't have asked for a better experience. My friend Lege (short for Legend, reasons are too long for this post) got us set up with a killer sound system so we could all take in some Afrobeats while we worked out.

Insert: Photo of us talking

Chenfa and I first spoke about the organization's values and growth during the pandemic. We've been excited to convene people to work out in isolation with the online Quarantine Challenge, roll out across dozens of schools for Basketball Experience, help develop young female and male leaders through NaijaCore, the list goes on!

With that we dove into a pretty intense workout. Our friends were relatively experienced yoga practitioners, so people let go, getting deep into poses and surrendering to the experience. The sun was shining on a gorgeous day in Dana Square Park, truly awesome for us all to be able to connect!

NaijaCore workouts feature African music paired with yoga and calisthenics. Check out our playlist so you can use it for your own routines!

Thanks to everyone for attending — be sure to send us a message to stay in the loop about other exciting and events happening in the US!