Dreamers at the National Mall

DSA Board members and friends getting vertical and upside down at the National Mall!

Will Weiss

August 30th, 2021

We were having our first in-person board meeting since the start of the pandemic and wanted to take make sure to spend some time together to connect. What better way than to gather together as friends and supporters to share in a mindfulness through movement practice at the National Mall!

Breathing in Unison — National Mall Breathing in unison

Our practice brought us closer — breathing together, exercising together, and definitely sweating together — DC in late August is hot! 😅

NaijaCore workouts feature African music paired with yoga and calisthenics. Check out our playlist so you can use it for your own routines!

Thanks to everyone for attending — be sure to send us a message to stay in the loop about other exciting and events happening in the US!